Camping In Dorset

Escaping the city

Last weekend we all needed a break from city life, so we headed out to Dorset to a cute little campsite with award-winning loos. 

We rented a car, loaded it up with food and jumpers and set off Friday morning... It took about 3hrs from London, so not too bad really. 

At first it was just us girls and it was all going so well... 

Until we realised out cooker had melted to the floor...

Meh... we still got a decent bacon sarni! 

Then man turned up the next day and made real fire for the evening meal! A real dent to our girls can do anything vibe! haha!

On Saturday we got a little trip in to Corfe Castle... which is so cool and definitely worth a visit. The village is super cute too... I haven't seen anywhere in England quite as perfect before!

I obviously went a bit nuts with the camera...

And we rounded it up with a casual bit of sport in the evening :) All in all a perfect little escape. 

Ah, I love the camp life! 

Any suggestions as for where to go next, please do let me know! 


Filming in St Ives

Weekend Warrior//St Ives

Finally got a break in!! Whoop!!

I mean, you'd be fully aware if you are following me on  Instagram because I have literally been flooding it with disgustingly good looking scenes.... Soz. 

I was also making my little Weekend Warrior film obviously and I did go a bit film crazy. Still trying out my new style and I can't say I've really nailed it yet to a standard I'm happy with... but I'm loving trying something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 

Anyhooo- check it out and let me know what you think!

Filming while you're on 'holiday' has it's own special vibe.

Don't get me wrong, given the choice, I would always have my camera with me- I love it and it's a lifestyle... I, and those I love have pretty much accepted that now. And hanging out with me, on holiday or not, involves a lot of this...


It involves filming sometimes when you don't really feel like it.... like after surfing all morning.

It involves eating breakfast in weird and wonderful places so you can get a great timelapse in the meantime.

It involves carrying stuff 24/7 and looking like a dork most of the time!  

But... it makes you slow down. It makes you look more. It takes you to places you wouldn't otherwise go... and it gives you a nice little film to remember it all with!

It's basically the dream! 


Sony A7Sii 4K & SLog at night

On Monday I shared my little Weekend Warrior film. 

Here it is if you haven't seen it.... 

This was a major experiment for me. To be honest I wasn't really thinking about what I was shooting- but more seeing how the Sony A7Sii can handle low light-seen as it's supposed to be amazing. I also shot in 4k and SLog- which was awesome!  

Low light was pretty great actually- especially out of the train- I was definitely seeing things through the lens that I wasn't with my eyes... It was a pretty cool experience and I probably looked a bit nuts! But I think I still need to test further in order to know how much I can really push it before it gets to a ridiculous point.

I was impressed with how easily and nicely it still graded... thanks to the SLog/4k gloriousness!

Grading was another thing completely. Any one who knows me, knows I love to grade... For me it's the ultimate finessing of the edit and where the art and style of the film is sealed in. So, as you can imagine I was cray excited to edit SLog footage! I had no idea about using LUTs or what ones to buy, or what uploader to use so I spent a night on the Internet nerding out and then grading this little film. It was fun and I bought an LUT pack and got very overwhelmed by all the options and I think in the end used some free one from a YouTube Tutorial.... I think it's going to take me a while to shoot with LUTs in mind but I'm excited about the filmic possibility at my fingertips now!

That said, I can't wait to shoot some 4k SLog in the sun and really see what I can do. I tried a bit on Sunday- but without an ND filter for my little vintage lenses (that top-out at F16) and a hefty native ISO that is required for SLog, it was impossible to do so and expose anything correctly.... I'll have to bring out the big boys and take out my pro stuff one day this week and let you know how that goes... Really need to splash out on some NDs for these new bits of glass, but there's so much I need to buy at the moment- it's terrifying!