So I finally did it...

I looked at myself in phone selfie mode and said some stuff. 

It is awkward as hell.

Who really gives a s**t what's going on in my life?! What do I have to say?! No one is watching... what's the point?... All things I've said in the last two years when debating if I should vlog or not.

On the one hand, I feel like I really must... owning my own business and trying to sell video concepts to people when you don't do it personally seems a little backwards to me... but on the other hand- see all the reasons above.

So I spent some time trying to think how I could be remotely different... I figured chances were that I couldn't be straight off the bat... I had to just start and see what evolved.

So I just started.

And then I got a tonne of work and couldn't really do what I wanted to. So I didn't. Instead, I grabbed bits of footage here and there- made a few timelapses while I working and then popped it all together. 

It barely hits a minute and it makes no sense... but maybe that's my thing? And it's about all the time I can handle...  So here it is and as it shall remain... a collection of filmy stuff... my take on the vlog. 

Music from Epidemic Sound

Filming in Sussex//A7Sii & Zhiyun Crane





As you can see- I am pretty excited by this development to my film life!

--> Look at that goofy grin! (And great outfit I might add!)

So last weekend, I set off on a little jaunt in the countryside to put it through it's paces...

I was also testing a lens (turns out there's a lot of dust in it-boo!)

This is hands down the best bit of kit (Zhiyun crane) I've bought in a while- I'm so in love!  

I had a few teething problems... mainly involving me learning how to walk properly with a gimbal- there's a whole style to learn! But I can tell this is going to make a massive difference to my work... it's going to be great! I'm going to film a few more things with it and then I'll do a full-on review video. (Coz I do them now!

Also- isn't this place beautiful! Seven Sisters, in Sussex... only an hour or so out of London- give it a visit!  

The best thing about this film is the music, however... whipped up by my new bezzies at Two Twenty Two

Music by the incomparably talented Two Twenty Two

Let me know what you think!