So I finally did it...

I looked at myself in phone selfie mode and said some stuff. 

It is awkward as hell.

Who really gives a s**t what's going on in my life?! What do I have to say?! No one is watching... what's the point?... All things I've said in the last two years when debating if I should vlog or not.

On the one hand, I feel like I really must... owning my own business and trying to sell video concepts to people when you don't do it personally seems a little backwards to me... but on the other hand- see all the reasons above.

So I spent some time trying to think how I could be remotely different... I figured chances were that I couldn't be straight off the bat... I had to just start and see what evolved.

So I just started.

And then I got a tonne of work and couldn't really do what I wanted to. So I didn't. Instead, I grabbed bits of footage here and there- made a few timelapses while I working and then popped it all together. 

It barely hits a minute and it makes no sense... but maybe that's my thing? And it's about all the time I can handle...  So here it is and as it shall remain... a collection of filmy stuff... my take on the vlog. 

Music from Epidemic Sound

Timelapse Of Storm Doris In London

It was pretty bloody windy yesterday... Storm Doris was doing her best to disrupt my Thursday and as my 16th floor flat swayed in the winds buffeting London, I thought, 'I should timelapse this s**t.'

I had a ton of work on, so I got around to it just as the sun was setting and some lush stormy clouds rushed over the city.  

Timelapse How To video coming up on Monday kids!

Till then, stay safe out there :)


Wondering In The Lakes

Last weekend was glorious. 

Although, being honest, it was the last thing I felt like doing... I got on a train and headed up to the Lakes to shoot for SwimTrek for the weekend. I was tired, moody and unusually blasé about my impending adventure... 

But, within hours of arriving, the stresses of the week disappeared and there was just me, my camera, mirror lakes and warm rain....Oh, and lots of swimmers of course!

Being outside all weekend was just the tonic I needed.

I was reminded why I started The Daily Lunge... I wondered if I should move... I wondered how much a car would cost... I wondered how much a VW van would cost. A lady told me to travel the world trading videos and photos for food and accommodation and I wondered where I would start. I told another lady about my adventures in Japan and China and wondered if I had become boring. I wondered when my next big adventure would come and bring me release. I wondered about so many things that I thought I wouldn't still wonder about approaching 30.  

I'm not going to lie, it made me pretty sad... wondering if I'm doing it all right. But it is good to wonder- at least I think it is. 

London has the tendency of sucking us in, or making us want things we don't need, of making us drink more than we should, work more than we should, party more than we should... I get swept up in all that. It's exciting, I'm young and I want to be in the hub of everything. 

But leaving it. Traveling anywhere, even if it's just to the Lake District, gives, me at least, some distance to wonder. I escape the little world that is London, and see that there is still this big beautiful world beyond it... a world that asks so much less of me than London.  

And I wonder.... could I jump ship? Should I?