A Food Tour Around Soho London

Weekend Warrior//Food Tour

Is there literally anything better than eating food in Soho?

Probably not... I mean, It would put up a solid fight.

This bank holiday the gang and I indulged in a little food tour around our favourite little area and got to sample some absolute delights!  

Obviously, I made a little film of the day. (I was slightly distracted by all the food though!!)

Just so you know... We went to:

KUA'AINA for Bacon Sarnis and Hawaiian beer.

TAO TAO JU for Dimsum. 

LA BODEGA NEGRE for tacos and mini margaritas . (One of my fave spots in Soho... head downstairs for an awesome cocktail bar)

WHYTE & BROWN for chicken wings and craft ale.

SAID CHOCOLATE for hot chocolate!

All of these places were blooming excellent... and I will be going back!! The tour was great too- lovely way to learn a bit more about the area and the people who make some of the greatest meals in England.




Weekend Warrior//Jimmy's Secret Garden

A little late with this one, sorry folks! But I've been doing a ton of weddings and engaging in non-Weekend Warrior type activities.... 

So this was a BBQ pop-up I went to with the gang the other night. Absolutely loved it! Fairy lights, food and a lovely back garden setting... perfect. 

I suggest checking out what else this Jimmy dude has got coming up because I've been to two of his events now, and they've both been amazeballs.... 

Needless to say it was awesome shooting with the new camera - so photogenic... smoke and fairy lights make everything sexy! But more about all that later!

Thanks for hanging with me....