5 Books that make you quit your job and start a business!

If you know anything about me you will know that buying books is one of my most favourite things in the world. 

Back at the start of 2015 when I was flirting with the idea of quitting the day job and setting up on my own I read a lot of books.

Two pushed me over the edge... they are below.

Then I frantically read three once I realised I had no idea what I was doing... they are also below.

I hope they help you out too! 

1. The 4hr Work Week- Timothy Ferris

It's a classic. 

Work four hours a week and be cray cray rich... who wouldn't be in?!

It's definitely worth a read for the inspiration it will give you to go after what you want. Personally, there's a lot in here that I really couldn't follow through on- but nevertheless it made me think of things in a different way and got me dreaming... which in reality is all that most of us need to take that final leap of faith!


2. Be A Free Range Human - Marianne Cantwell

LOVED this book!

Fuelled my need for freedom and gave tones of advice on how to get it. 

A little bit more approachable than book 1- slightly less focus on setting up passive income schemes and more about finding what you good at and running with it. 

This is the one for me that made me think it was possible...cheers Mrs Cantwell!


3. The E Myth Revisited - Michael E. Gerber

This is the first book I read when I had handed in my notice and realised I had zero plan, zero money and zero business knowledge. 

I wouldn't have read this had a friend not recommended it to me- it's not pretty enough! BUT- it was hugely helpful. 

Great for thinking about how to build a business, not just make a really exhausting 24/7 job that takes over your life. I likely will find myself re-reading this every year or so. 



4. Oversubscribed - Daniel Priestley 

I read this about 6 months into my first year as The Daily Lunge and it literally blew my mind. 

A great book for creatives who want to make things of quality and give themselves the time to provide valuable service. 

It's all about going the extra mile, taking care of clients and being... oversubscribed. 

Great stuff


5. What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School - Mark H. McCormack

This is one of those - how not to be a tool and still be awesome- books. 

It's basically a how to guide of how business works, how to think about it, yourself and the people you work with.... without flying to Boston and paying thousands of dollars. 


Let me know what you've been reading or if you've read any of these books.... and let me know if you read them and quit your job!! I take no responsibility for what chaos will ensue!