Where Is The Snow?... Skiing In Austria

Weekend Warrior//Obergurgl 

That's right folks, we found the snow...and it was before Christmas! ....

Sorry, there's not actually that much skiing in this... but four days man, I had to make the most of the skiing- I can make films any day of the week!! 

I'd never been to Austria before and I have to say I was mad impressed by the resort we were in. I'm used to massive French resorts with their massive ski areas and thriving après... and their busy pistes and long lift queues.... Obergurgl was a dream! It's so slick and shiny and some of lifts still have puffyness in their seats!

It was nice and empty, but not dead. There was free wifi everywhere and interactive ski maps- which would be great for big parties or families but we didn't use the map all that much because it's a pretty simple and safe feeling resort and it all seems to funnel down to the villages - nice and easy!

We didn't queue for one lift. It was a perfect size for four days... and we found one of the best après nights ever where we got to dance on tables in our ski boots. Should I go on?!

AND- Flying into Innsbruck is the bomb! I definitely recommend getting a window seat... You basically turn and fly down the middle of a valley and you're super close to the mountains and can see for miles. It's such a quick flight from London and then only a 90min transfer to the resort... great place to just pop for a long weekend of skiing!

AND... there was snow! Which apparently, is pretty rare this season... we were very lucky. But, it's supposed to be a great resort for snow dependability, so maybe it's just always awesome!

We stayed in a super cute hotel, aptly named Hotel Austria, just incase you forget where you are. There was a spa/ swimming pool / jacuzzi  situation which basically saved my legs and my life... though the outdoor pool was ambitious in -5 degrees! 

It's going to be top of my list next year- the short transfer and the cute Austrian-ness, what's not to love?

Have you been to Obergurgl? Tell me you were as in love as I was?!