Avoiding Travel Photography Clichés

I find it hard sometimes to take travel photos that look different. 

When you're on Instagram these days and you look at a travel hashtag there's a definite theme... and I'm not just talking about the fact that they're all of travelling duh!

Everyone takes the same photos... girl looking out wistfully from an infinity pool/guy stands on top of mountain/dude dangles feet off skyscraper/ass/six pack/insert cool car into cool location... you've seen them.... I've taken them... we're all guilty.

This stuff gets clicks and likes and brands you as a travel photographer... especially if you're mountains are high-key edits and your sea shots have super saturated colours.

And hell- if you've got a drone, my lord, you are amazing!!  

I get it. I want to have those relatable pics that people love and put me comfortably in my niche.


1... I don't really shoot like that. I have no ass/sixpack/cool car/drone. 

2. I don't have a photographer friend to take cool shots of me doing cool stuff... I end up taking pictures of other people.... making them look cool! (There was a time in Japan, where I had literally taken about 10 people's facebook profile pictures and I had some awkward blurry mess from way back...unfair!) 

3. I really don't want to take photos that look like other peoples. And I try to type that with as little wanky artist vibes as possible.... but I really do want to try and be different. 

Now, we all know that's pretty hard these days... originality is practically impossible and the further you go down that route the harder it is to get work for what you do (sometimes!). 

So I decided to start small... be original for me. Try and take the photos I wouldn't normally take. I was in Italy too... which is crazy photogenic... and I was supposed to be filming. So let's call this a casual effort!

But nevertheless, I tried to shoot different from how I normally do. I don't think there's anything groundbreaking here... but I just thought I'd share my quest to start trying!


Sony A7Sii 4K & SLog at night

On Monday I shared my little Weekend Warrior film. 

Here it is if you haven't seen it.... 

This was a major experiment for me. To be honest I wasn't really thinking about what I was shooting- but more seeing how the Sony A7Sii can handle low light-seen as it's supposed to be amazing. I also shot in 4k and SLog- which was awesome!  

Low light was pretty great actually- especially out of the train- I was definitely seeing things through the lens that I wasn't with my eyes... It was a pretty cool experience and I probably looked a bit nuts! But I think I still need to test further in order to know how much I can really push it before it gets to a ridiculous point.

I was impressed with how easily and nicely it still graded... thanks to the SLog/4k gloriousness!

Grading was another thing completely. Any one who knows me, knows I love to grade... For me it's the ultimate finessing of the edit and where the art and style of the film is sealed in. So, as you can imagine I was cray excited to edit SLog footage! I had no idea about using LUTs or what ones to buy, or what uploader to use so I spent a night on the Internet nerding out and then grading this little film. It was fun and I bought an LUT pack and got very overwhelmed by all the options and I think in the end used some free one from a YouTube Tutorial.... I think it's going to take me a while to shoot with LUTs in mind but I'm excited about the filmic possibility at my fingertips now!

That said, I can't wait to shoot some 4k SLog in the sun and really see what I can do. I tried a bit on Sunday- but without an ND filter for my little vintage lenses (that top-out at F16) and a hefty native ISO that is required for SLog, it was impossible to do so and expose anything correctly.... I'll have to bring out the big boys and take out my pro stuff one day this week and let you know how that goes... Really need to splash out on some NDs for these new bits of glass, but there's so much I need to buy at the moment- it's terrifying!