A Road Trip In Iceland

At the back end of 2017 I went on a little road trip up the west coast of Iceland. 

As it was late in the year, I didn't have lots of energy for filming but still thought I'd better whip something together! 

I do really hope I can get back there someday when I'm less tired as it has the most hauntingly beautiful landscapes.


Walking In Sussex

Weekend Warrior//Sussex

It chucked it down for most of this weekend... so what was supposed to be a longer, better thought through film ended up just been a little grab of a lovely walk.

That said, you can't beat England when the sun comes out to play! (And when you get to stop at the cafe by the beach for chips.)

Music by the incomparably talented Two Twenty Two


In Bruges

Weekend Warrior//In Bruges

A few weekends back we were in Belgium for the weekend. 

We whizzed in on the Eurostar and had ourselves a nice few days in this chocolate-box town. I wasn't too much in the mood for filming but I did manage to grab a few shots... 

Music by epidemicsound.com