Camping In Dorset

Escaping the city

Last weekend we all needed a break from city life, so we headed out to Dorset to a cute little campsite with award-winning loos. 

We rented a car, loaded it up with food and jumpers and set off Friday morning... It took about 3hrs from London, so not too bad really. 

At first it was just us girls and it was all going so well... 

Until we realised out cooker had melted to the floor...

Meh... we still got a decent bacon sarni! 

Then man turned up the next day and made real fire for the evening meal! A real dent to our girls can do anything vibe! haha!

On Saturday we got a little trip in to Corfe Castle... which is so cool and definitely worth a visit. The village is super cute too... I haven't seen anywhere in England quite as perfect before!

I obviously went a bit nuts with the camera...

And we rounded it up with a casual bit of sport in the evening :) All in all a perfect little escape. 

Ah, I love the camp life! 

Any suggestions as for where to go next, please do let me know!