So I finally did it...

I looked at myself in phone selfie mode and said some stuff. 

It is awkward as hell.

Who really gives a s**t what's going on in my life?! What do I have to say?! No one is watching... what's the point?... All things I've said in the last two years when debating if I should vlog or not.

On the one hand, I feel like I really must... owning my own business and trying to sell video concepts to people when you don't do it personally seems a little backwards to me... but on the other hand- see all the reasons above.

So I spent some time trying to think how I could be remotely different... I figured chances were that I couldn't be straight off the bat... I had to just start and see what evolved.

So I just started.

And then I got a tonne of work and couldn't really do what I wanted to. So I didn't. Instead, I grabbed bits of footage here and there- made a few timelapses while I working and then popped it all together. 

It barely hits a minute and it makes no sense... but maybe that's my thing? And it's about all the time I can handle...  So here it is and as it shall remain... a collection of filmy stuff... my take on the vlog. 

Music from Epidemic Sound