How To Make Dumplings: With Ken Hom

Hello you! 

So, you know how I am always harping on about how much I love my job and how being a filmmaker means you get to do so many things you wouldn't normally get to do?


Well, I'm about to do it again- soz. 

Last week I got to film Ken Hom teaching people how to make dumplings! It was pretty awesome... though the smell made concentrating on work fairly hard! 

What struck me was just how smiley, friendly and zen this dude was. Everyone wanted photos, or an autograph and he just handled it all in such a lovely manner. I may be biased, though...I was the one who got to eat his dumplings!

Here's the film I made for Qumin, and the day they all got to make dumplings with Ken Hom. 

Isn't he just so gorgeous! ...I'm a little bit in love.