How To Keep Positive When You're A Freelancer



It's cold.

It's February.

And I'm back to the hustle of full-on, full-time freelancing.

And I love it!

I think there's something good for me in the fear, the hustle, the constantly new... I love searching for new clients, thinking about projects that I want to get my teeth into and totally managing my time.

Yeah I miss dependable money... that's a lovely thing to have... but, if I can't risk it and go for gold now, when can I hey?!

I generally cope by:

1. Drinking lots of tea

2. Listening to inspirational 90's music

3. Making a solid plan of action attack

4. Giving myself fun research days (cinema, art galleries, long walks in nature)

5. Making stuff I want to make just for fun (Like Weekend Warrior)

6. Drinking more tea

It's tough sometimes to remain positive when you're alone in your house tapping away at your keyboard... ESPECIALLY when it's this cold and grey outside.... but for me, it always helps by thinking cheesy motivational stuff...

For, only I can make something good happen- no one is going to come knocking at my door and give me my dream gig- I gots to get up and out and hustle!! And for me, that is freeing... the only thing that stands in my way is me... (and my crippling tea addiction.) 

That's why I picked the picture of the train. It's a metaphor for my relentless ... ha kidding- it's just a train! :)

Are you a freelancer? Let me know how you get your groove on... I clearly cope by taking pictures of trains in the dark... and tea- I think I mentioned that.