Best Places to Shoot Photos in Doha

A few weeks back I was on a shoot filming in Doha. 

It's been a while since I've been there and all I could remember was how photogenic the place was! (I have a few old film shots on my photography page)

I didn't get much time to shoot for fun but managed to get a few shots from my favourite places to shoot in Doha... Souq Waqif and The Museum of Islamic Art.  

... And obviously I had to get my feet on the edge of my hotel window looking down...

feet on a ledge

The MIA, is hands down the coolest place in Doha (that I know of!). It's stunning inside, has a great cafe and bookshop, and has the most amazing views.

Go there at sunset to shoot across the bay, crouch down low to shoot reflections in the cafe tables, or head outside to the courtyard and capture sunset through the arches.

Then, don't forget to wander along The Corniche to get some lovely views across the bay and see the boats at night done up with fairy lights.

It's a pretty stunning area and the golden hours there are like nothing I've ever seen! 

Unfortunately, I didn't get quite as long in the Souq to take photos as I was filming like a crazy lady... but honestly, do go there!

I will say, be respectful of where you are pointing your camera though... as you should be wherever you are, but particularly in countries where it is more conservative, like Qatar.

I try really hard not to just take a recognisable photo of someone because they're there and I can. Most people in my photos have clocked me and have either, gestured their consent or seem unfazed by my presence.... Sometimes, they welcome it, we have a chat and I feel like I'm doing the thing properly.

I am by no means on the moral high ground when it comes to travel and street photography, but I try to be considerate and think about how I would feel if the boot was on the other foot.... the world is not merely populated for my clicking pleasure! 

Have you been to Doha?

Where's the place to take photos? Let me know for next time I visit!