The Best Of 2016

I know I'm a bit late to the party- but, I've always been fashionably late...

2016 huh? What a right old year of it. I think we're mostly in agreement, globally, it's been a bit shit to say the least.  But let's try and move past that and look to a better 2017 yeah- plus, some good stuff has happened- bless the soul of the lovely person who made this list!

Personally, I've had a blast! Been some great places, made some cool films. Done some good, some arty and some fun films... and loved them all. 

Let's face it tough, the best thing I do though is take pictures of my feet. Here is a collection of my faves from the year.... Stay tuned to my Instagram account if you really can't get enough of my artistically placed tootsies!!