LadyLike//Female Athletes

So, I'm nearly 30. 

And although I know that isn't old by any stretch of the imagination, I've been doing some reflective thinking about my life so far; What I've done... what I've achieved... what I've seen... and what I've given up.

When I think about what I've given up, generally they've all been great choices... but there's a few things that I've walked away from that I really wish I hadn't.

All those things were sports. 

I gave up football. (the FA literally told me I could't play for the boys team anymore- the only team in my village)

I gave up roller blading. (I mean it wasn't socially acceptable to do that as a teenage girl)

I gave up windsurfing. (I moved and it was too far away and I was too scared to go somewhere new on my own.)

I gave up skateboarding. (People give you funny looks in London if you're a girl with a board.)

The list goes on and on. And my list of excuses does too.

And it's embarrassing to me- I am a ballsy, badass woman! I moved to Japan all on my own for God's sake!  

BUT. Enough of that. Starting now, I'm on a mission to get back into the sports I've missed for too long- enough listening to anyone else and enough excuses. 

I am not alone in my story... I mean you've seen the Always campaigns:

So, inspired by this and the 'This Girl Can' awesomeness, me and fellow Daily Lunger Beth are launching a new YouTube series called LadyLike.

A series celebrating the women who are a lot stronger than me, who do badass sports and do them well!

Check out the trailer below:

We want to make monthly films about these great women and beyond- any sport, any shape, any anything!

And we're going to get involved too, trying new sports, pushing ourselves and  hopefully inspiring you guys to get involved too. 

So many times I've been told it's not ladylike to want to dirt jump or it's not girlie to carry a skateboard.

Well screw that... I'm about to make it so!