I'm falling in love with the DLR

Anyone with a keen eye for transportation (ha!), will have noticed that I have taken to riding on the DLR of late.

This is not by choice... it has been thrust upon me... but I take on the challenge of non-tube travel with an open mind and endevour to be an adventurous Londoner.

Of course, I've had encounters with the futuristic warrior of the South East before, but I was just passing through... I wasn't considering long term commitment... it was just briefly exciting to have something else to look at beyond my carriage mates... and I wondered what it would be like long term..... to not spend mornings in a dark, dingy tube avoiding the eyes of the sweaty, tired folk opposite? ... What a luxury. 

Now... I come in with a more serious critique. I'm riding it regularly... I should be taking a step back and assessing it for the reality...not the dream. 

But. I just can't. 

Every time I get on it I'm like a small child... YOU CAN SEE SO MUCH! It's like I'm in the future, weaving through the cityscape, floating above the roads, looking at the cars creeping along below- the fools!!

I do wish it went faster though... and was painted in some sort of neon colour.

Obviously, I have my camera out at all times... which is hard because the kids always run for the front seats, which is unfair! So I have to wobble by a door and see what I can grab.... but I am going to perfect this art because YOU CAN SEE SO MUCH! And honestly... I'm going to start a photo series called Seen From The DLR.... I just have to beat a few kids to them good seats more often!

There might be the night tube now (which let's face it, should probably also get a dedicated photo series!) and everyone will be raving about that... but for me, the DLR has a charm not even a 24hr Vicky Line can match. Yes. I went there. 

Anyway, here are my efforts thus far: