Weekend Warrior//The Gold Rush


I think this might only be the third thing I've ever won... I NEVER win competitions...Or games... Or Head Girl nominations (no hard feelings honest!) So usually I don't even bother entering/playing/running nowadays... but, as always there are exceptions to the rule.

Those exceptions are food and holidays... these things I will fight for tooth and nail!

And so, when The Nudge ran a little comp on their Insta page for a free night at Django Bango's Gold Rush ... I thought why not?!


So, flipped out, called my Mum (so proud) and decided I'd make my little Weekend Warrior film about it...

Boy! We had a great night...

The food was banging and, as usual with any Nudge endorsed event, the whole setting and atmosphere were on point. The music was awesome, there were swaggering cowboys and wooden tables and great cocktails and bottles of brew. Basically I was in heaven...

Gah... I want to go back! I probably shouldn't (drank faaaar too much)... but you can! Go buy tickets: http://www.djangobango-goldrush.com/

Thanks Nudge for another great night out... (and finally letting me overcome my losing streak!)