Sony A7Sii Photos in Richmond Park

So while I was shooting Weekend Warrior last weekend I was also taking the odd photograph. 

I was shooting my film in SLOG 3 and couldn't really be bothered to switch in and out of settings for my photos (I was trying to have a lazy day!)... which meant I had to shoot in ISO 1600 and also through an ND. 

The photos came out ok- but I find they've got a milky, hi-key look to them and the colour seems a little on the bluish side straight out of the camera... I'm sure it's due to various factors, the ND, the picture profile and the ISO... but it's going to take a long process of elimination to find the right settings. 

I much prefer the results when I'm filming in Cine 4 and also shoot photos... though as I understand it, the PP I shoot film in should have no effect on my photos...?!

I might just have to stop slacking and make use of the two memory buttons on the dial and make that extra effort to switch settings. I just like to have no hassle or barriers between able to take a quick picture and then film.... any advice please let me know!!