A Walk In Richmond Park

Weekend Warrior//Richmond Park

Recently I have been yearning for the countryside... even though I've actually been quite a bit this month. 

I think I've had Post-Brexit Anxiety (or PBA as I have been diagnosing people with!)... and I've just been wanting to escape the relentlessness of London... To find a bit of space where I can stop a while and find zen and all that jazz!

So- to Richmond! I'd heard of it as a place that is like the real countryside, with deer and everything... 

Well I don't know why I've waited so long to get myself there!!

It was idyllic. 

I donned my embarrassing hippie trousers and overdosed on outdoors...

I hope you notice that this Weekend Warrior is a bit of a different style to the previous ones- I'm trying something new and will post about it in a couple of days... it's very technical!... but I hope you like this new style.

Meanwhile, I hope you're coping with your PBA better than me... if not, I recommend also going fro a tromp around in some fields!