Sony A7Sii First Impressions

Let it be said straight off the bat, I am in love with this camera. 

It is small, light and incredibly good looking. It shoots insanely well in low light and is a step-up from my 5D Markiii in terms of colour sexyness. (official term)

I have now had two professional shoots with it and have drawn some conclusions. 


The first shoot was for one of my regular clients, SwimTrek. I shot all day at a lido and on the sea. It wasn't continuous rolling shooting, but a very full day. 

Here is me pretending to be a ballerina filmmaker --->


So on this shoot I went handheld for most of the day. Even with my beast of a 70-200 lens attached, my little lady arms could manage. It's so great to be able to shoot through the viewfinder- it makes for a much more stable handheld shot. And obvs you've got internal stabilisation in the camera and if you stick an IS lens on too, then you're good to go.  

I was super impressed by my handheld stuff from this shoot- and I am rarely impressed by my self! Ha! 

Also, I'd heard a lot of beef about battery life, and I have to say I had very little issue on this shoot. I had three batteries- two Sony and one fake and went home with half a fake left. Great stuff. 

Now I've moved on to the edit and boy that slow-mo is looking fine!! I cannot wait to grade it and share it because it looks so sexy! It definitely ups the production value of my stuff- and for that I am always glad. I wasn't aware before I shot, that on 120fps the frame crops in... but once I knew that it was easy to set up and shoot away. 


Sorry, there are no fun pictures for this one- I was too busy ok?! This was a classic crazy wedding shoot where I could only get my hands on one canopy and so had to resort to cajoling cartons of orange juice from reluctant bartenders for sugary sustenance.... it was tough. 

The first thing I realised is that in fact battery life is not good. Not when you're rolling continuously for entrances, ceremonies etc etc. Twice I had to go to my 5D because the Sony had run out of batteries and couldn't charge a new one in time. This stressed me out... but a valuable lesson to learn. Ordered a new (£50!) battery as soon as I got home. 

Everything else though was great. 

Having the Super 35mm function is awesome. It's essentially like having two lenses on you- which in a wedding situation is super handy when you don't have time to actually change your lens. 

At night, on the dance floor it was great to go handheld and get in between everyone dancing- something that wouldn't have been so smooth with my 5D... and obvs been able to crank the ISO nice and high was super helpful.  

All in all, like I said- totally in love. I think with such a lightweight, pro camera by my side I am going to take my shooting to the next level and I am so excited to keep shooting with it!