Sony A7Sii Photography

You know sometimes you get into your head that you really want something? ...

You save and save, and as you do you start constructing a post-thing world, one where your entire life changes because of said thing; your habits change, your life gets simpler or more inspired, your entire demeanour evolves?   

Well that. I had major that before I bought my new camera. (Don't know if I mentioned that I got a new camera?)

I pictured a life where I would always have my camera in hand, I'd film everything and make loads of cute little little films of my friends. 

Well that happened. And it feels so great... because that never happens!!

But what is greater is how many pictures I'm now taking. I mean, I thought I'd take more, but I never thought I was getting a good photography camera too. I can't be bothered to go into all the specs, but basically, between the A7Sii and the A7R general consensus says R for photos and S for film... so I had just kind of put aside my photography thoughts when I bought it. 

But boy have I been pleasantly surprised!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos from the last week or so- Would love to know what you think!