Taking over the world.

So I haven't blogged in forever... more about that in a later post- promise!

I've been out of the office a lot recently, which is part of the reason I've been away. But today I am in and have got time to catch up on all my admin and plans to take over the world... 

Part of which involves YouTube. I haven't really ever put anything on there before... I'm not sure why, but Vimeo has always been a sexier more professional option for me, so thus has been my platform of choice. 

BUT- when you're talking world domination, you need YouTube. So today I am starting to load it up with all my current work and maybe a few gems from the past (if you're lucky!) and hopefully it will grow over the coming weeks and soon I will be in line for the whole taking over the world plan. 

Anyway, in my uploading I came across a film I haven't shared with you... and I can imagine how sad you must be at that thought... So I figured I would let you see it. 

Watch on YouTube here

My friend at Neon Stash hooked me up and I made this one weekend for We Heart Living while I still had a job...  honestly, the experience was one of the many contributing factors as to why I quit.

It was freezing and I had my longboard with me to shoot dolly shots (which I never used!) but I had a great time!

It was the first time I really had freedom to film my vision (wankiest thing I've ever said)... Of course we all know that the reality barely matches the vision, especially in the beginning, but just the chance to try was awesome... and I'm pretty pleased with the results to be honest!