I've been away...

So I promised earlier that I'd explain where I've been because I haven't blogged in forever and I feel bad about the fact. But, I've been pretty busy.

Some stuff you missed out on...


I went. It was glorious. I had one of the best weekends away I've ever had... you should go, right now. Here is a link to Kayak, search for flights NOW, and go. Not convinced... here are some pretty pictures I took- they should do the job. 


My friends tried, and succeeded, to convince people on Facebook they'd bought a house on Privet Drive. Classic.



I went to Scunthorpe for a few days to shoot some web content for a great cause and I can't wait to share the results. Meant I got to stay at home, and I took my Dad with me to be my skivvy. 

5. I GOT THE SONY A7SII!!!!!!!!!!!

I am beyond excited... it's only been a week but this is real love. I will be sharing loads about it soooon. 


6. I GOT A JOB :)

Now don't freak out- I haven't gone and got full-time work or anything! But, a lovely, awesome, two weeks a month gig in TV :) 

I started in TV and have long wanted to get back into it... but for a few years now I've been thinking that that ship has sailed and so I'd sort of said goodbye to that dream. But in the way so many things happen, I casually spoke to a guy, who knows a guy, who needed someone... and by some glorious accident the dream is up for grabs again!  

So I'm helping this indie production company in the development, pitching and, hopefully soon, the production of TV shows. It's great being back.

I get two weeks a month in central, working in the heart of Soho, eating sushi for lunch and bitching about slow walking commuters, being sassy and coming up with ideas that might actually get made... I am challenged and pushed and tired when I come home ... and then after two weeks of being a city girl (the perfect time fyi), I get to come back to my little kingdom, sit at my kick-ass desk in my PJ's and dream up cool stuff to try out, or work on projects that have little funding but seem awesome... and work on what's next for The Daily Lunge. 

It's perfection. Driven me and dreamy me are both perfectly catered for. 

But anyway- that's why I've been away... but don't worry it won't happen again... See I have plans. More about them later in the week!

For now, happy Tuesday... I missed ya!