OK... this post is a little premature. 

We are only a week into our partnership, me and Tony the Sony (I named him obvs), and we haven't faced many challenges or really gotten to know each other that well yet... but I have such a good feeling about this one... I think this is it. 

So I have wanted this camera since it came out. As someone who is a traveling filmmaker I need the smallest, lightest kit I can get my hands on... and before that would have meant sacrificing quality. I dreamt of being able to sling a little camera into my handbag and film whenever and wherever I wanted and still make great stuff. I often hiking up hills or filming from a kayak, and too much kit is such a hinderance... Then Tony the Sony came along and I coveted him so.

There will be many posts I assume on the inner workings of this camera- there is so much to test and figure out and I by no means have a comprehensive idea of what this camera is capable of yet... but, I took him for a spin this weekend and had the time of my life. 

I annoyed everyone and didn't stop shooting or taking photos... here's what I've got so far photo wise... 

And film wise... the first in the series of Weekend Warrior, a new Instagram series I'm starting...

Definitely so much more to come... watch this space.

J x