Life's a Journey


Sorry I've been a little quiet recently... let's face it, you were probably all enjoying the peace... but I have been super busy trying to make enough money to feed myself this month. The start of the year is hard for freelancers apparently- next year I am going to a beach somewhere to job hunt in the sun! 

Anyway... that aside, I am doing excellently and I've got a brand new Instagram film to share with you! Yey! It's for Joe & Johns, this great travel inspired charity that have got the coolest plans. I am so happy that I am getting to support them....

Btw... I'm not sure if I've ever told you how much I love Instagram films have I?

Well I do. In a serious way... and here's why: 

How cute is that?! Instavids: They're the film version of kittens. 

I'm not going to bang on about making it... I already did that! Over on Joe & Johns website, there's a whole behind the scenes article about my hack-job of a studio.

After giving that a read, be a darling and go give them a follow on Insta and a like on Facebook