Starting to vlog

So, as a freelance filmmaker and wanna-be super human business owner, I have often flirted with the idea of starting to vlog.  

I've actually been meaning to do it for years... But, as I'm sure you know, life gets in the way. But for me, more than that, it was the whole- who would watch it/who cares/how narcissistic - debate that always really stopped me. 

With Instagram I can hide behind my pictures, with my blog (even this was a bit of a challenge.) I can hide behind words... But with a vlog it's just my chubs little face and my northern drawl. Ew. 

I mean, I presented a TV show back in the day... But that was just a character really and it always felt like a performance. Which is fine- I'm alright on the stage. But with a vlog it is just so personal and immediate and there's not very much to hide behind. 

So I've been putting it off. Even though in this day and age it's the best way to really start marketing myself and what I do... I mean that's what I sell to other people! Make videos- spread your brand!  

So. Baby steps. I'm going to start doing daily snapchat stories and uploading them to You Tube. Although it pains me deeply to upload vertical videos- I have to do as snapchatters do- play the game.

This is sort of a test- for myself mainly- can I get over myself and start talking to my selfie self (cringe) in the middle of a crowded place? Do I have anything to say? Will people watch? 

If this goes well- a weekly vlog will start... And then I guess we will go from there.  

Please follow along if you can either on snapchat or You Tube. I'd love to get your feedback and thoughts! ... It's a bit bare at the moment- sorry!