So my showreel for the year is finally done- hurrah! I got an awesome track made by the talents of Aloric and then rest was up to me! 

Here's the little Insta teaser (you know i love 'em!)... if you like it, watch the longer one... there's more in it!


Honestly- it's one of my most favourite things to do. I guess for me it's a bit like scrapbooking or making a photo-montage of the past year- because my job is my life and I absolutely love it, this is more like a selection of great memories rather than work I have done.

Making this I get to look over everything I have achieved in the past four or five years. It still amazes me that shots from China and Off The Beaten Track (My first real filmmaking job) still make it to my showreel. But why wouldn't they? It was the greatest start and it's so rewarding to see how they link up with what I'm doing now... it all makes sense! All my choices have led me here... I do often wonder if all my random career choices will make sense at the end of the day but every time I manage to put a coherent little film together I realise they will, and they do. 

It's not all rosy though- I spent most of yesterday going through shots relentlessly asking myself why I hadn't filmed it better. Why did I pick that frame? Why doesn't it look cleaner/brighter/sharper? I don't mean that in a debbie downer way- it's so important to reflect on your work and see how you can improve. I am never happy or satisfied with what I produce- but to me that's a good feeling... the day I'm satisfied I know my career is over! .... and what I made is probably a bit shit. 

Anyway- here is the final thing! Would love to know what you think/like/don't like... And if you want to see a little behind the scenes process then click here for a vertical, lazy snapchat story... I did promise I'd be starting!