Women: Annie Leibovitz

Is there a woman of any significance that Annie Leibovitz hasn't taken a portrait of (apart from my Mum of course)?

No, is the resounding answer.

And this new exhibition Women, goes just to prove that. 

Drag yourself all the way over to Wapping (??!!!) enter an awesomely industrial hydraulic power station, plonk yourself down on a seat (if you're lucky) and sit back and watch a snapshot of the most influential ladies of the time paraded before you in all their Leibovitzy glamour. 

This is not your standard pictures on a wall deal- which I guess might be disappointing to some people- but rather a rolling display of countless well-known and less well-know pictures projected on two big screens.

You can sit there for as long as you like and just take in the awesome magnitude of the work.

I was in heaven. 

When your bum gets numb and you've seen Meryl Streep roll by for the third time, you can peruse the few actual pictures that have been put up, or take a comfier chair in the 'library' where you can leaf through some of Leibovitz's books, amongst others. 

I found the exhibition utterly captivating. I feel like there is nothing I could say about the photos themselves. They are a wonderful snapshot of our society and how women move within it and think her fame speaks for the quality more than any review ever could. The subject matter, the subjects themselves and of course the photography- are all things close to my heart and I could have spent an age in there. 

I didn't though- I rushed home to watch Life Through A Lens... a doc all about Leibovitz. For me the two in tandem would have been a great idea for the exhibition... but then I guess people really would have never left. But I recommend doing this- you get to see the pictures and then get told by the lady herself just how they came to be. 

What a perfect day!