I went to the ballet! Ooooo get me.

I went to the ballet the other night. 

I don't quite know what to say about it. 

I don't know what 'ballet' is... I mean... I do. But, you know, my knowledge goes as far as what I gleaned from Billy Elliot... and what I mainly got from that film was an excellent Geordie accent and a new appreciation of Town Called Malice. (Excuse the language! In a post about ballet too!)

So I went to see Mathew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty, with zero expectations. (Incidentally, I do think this is how one should approach all things in life that they have F.A knowledge of.) 

And, for a Northern girl, with so little class, I found my self unexpectedly really enjoying it. I haven't listen to classical music that loud since my Grandpa gave me a box of his old CDs because he'd read that the music helped with studying...

And it really should be listened to this loud. Maybe it's my age and my dying cool (ha- never had any).. but I loved hearing that music in such a big space filled with people listening intently... rather lovely!

And the dancing? Well it was good. I think. Jesus, I have no idea! I mean it seemed amazing... just as someone doing any skill you don't have does. So I don't know how amazing... but I'm assuming pretty amazing... in any case it was hypnotising and completely beautiful. 

The choreography, set design and lighting from a visual, filmmaker, angle were really interesting and I think it's always good for me to see that in another medium.... Also, seeing storytelling done in such a way (I mainly could figure out what was going on..ish) was really interesting- how emotion and music can totally drive a plot and nothing more is needed. 

So, yeah, I liked it. I may be becoming uber cultured. Maybe next time I will have slightly more of an idea what to expect and will be able to write an on-point review of the first dancer's toes and his adoption of a Russian post-modern take on the pirouette... this seems unlikely, but we can wish.