Lithuania... them lakes!

So last week I was in Lithuania doing my second little film for SwimTrek

I had four days in the Aukštaitija National Park and it was bloomin' beautiful.  As usual I had no idea what expect from the country and had no frame of reference as to what Eastern Europe would be like... the furthest East I've got in Europe is Budapest and that's pretty central- so not very East at all! 


To be honest I still don't really have much of a sense of the place. Working abroad you kind of get trapped in a bubble and experience things in a totally different way to which you would normally. You notice weird things like the accessibility to wifi and plugs. How photogenic the public transport is and and how easy it is to pull all your equipment around their streets. 

These things are pretty pointless to share. They benefit no one.

So landscape is the only thing I can really mention. 

Working on the lakes was simply amazing.

The weather was changeable, but in any conditions it was so... I want to say magical... is that too much? I just felt quite often as if I'd stepped back in time. There were great little multicoloured wooden houses dotted around the lakesides, sofas perched on the ends of jetties and lone kayakers disappearing into the sun glare/mist. 

It was kind of wildly romantic.

And I just glided along in my canoe, listening the lapping of water, enjoying being stuck in some sort of throwback adventure novel... I'm pretty sure sitting on a sofa at the end of a jetty and looking out over the reeds watching a storm roll in is some version of heaven.

It was so quiet and peaceful and when I was working I tried to be as stealth as possible so as not to disturb the air.

There aren't many places that silence me. 

But silence me it did. And it silenced my mind... something that was much needed.

There were no epiphanies like there are with boats on the sea. Lakes don't have that kind of cosmic pull...

But there's a quiet stillness... which if you ask me is just as good.