Camera balls

There's things that I do with a camera in my hand that I would never dream of doing in the real world.

It is simultaneously my cape and my security blanket, my excuse and my vessel. 

Put a camera in my hand and I'm braver, stronger, more observant and more creative. I have a challenge to dangle off cliffs. A reason to hike up another hill. An excuse to look little longer and a container to catch my thoughts and feelings that I have managed to convert into images. 

I call it having camera balls.  

There's a lot of stick these days given to people who are continuously looking through a lens. They say they're missing out and not really experiencing life. This might be true for some people I guess, but for me it enhances my experience.

When I've got a camera I'm looking harder, I'm searching out the beautiful, the weird and the obscure. It makes me explore wherever I am in a way I never would without one. 

I was thinking about this the other day when I was trying to get a good view down on to the town I'm currently shooting in. I thought how I would never have gone through those farmer's fields, never seen the cute little church, never met the man at the side of the road that told me his life story. 

My camera forces me to explore and create the world I see... this is essentially what I want to make our new magazine about. If you didn't know, next month we are (fingers crossed) launching The Quarterly Lunge... A Magazine that is going to be all about this very thing... What a coincidence!! 

So stay tuned and I'll try to deliver a non-wanky, yet thoughtful, periodical of excellence along with the help of some beautifully talented humans that I am lucky enough to call friends... That's if I don't die first trying to get some cool shot!