Zen and the art of regular travel

Misleading title.

I have not mastered it. 

Every so often I think I have found the hidden secret to the art of traveling stress-free whilst being Jess Dowse. I get through check-in with no questions about my giaganitjc camera bag, I breeze through security without being searched, I get breakfast without spilling tea down myself, I don't have anything last minute to buy and I arrive at my gate just as people are boarding and get a great seat not next to a crying child. 

Wins all around.  

How are airport scenarios like this achieved I hear you ask? Well, a fine blend of luck and a sustained metal space called 'happy Place'. It's a fine art. 

Today I arrived at four am at Stanstead (it's no Heathrow, let's face it!) to the biggest Easy Jet queue known to man. Grannies were bashing their way to the front and children were screaming. It was like a scene from Little Britain, or Gladiator. 

Naturally I assumed today was not going to be a zen-like experienced.   

Alas, here I am. Totally sorted. Pret breakfast purchased...Seated (if you've been to Stanstead recently you will realise this is akin to getting a gold medal- I was dead proud!) 

It's all going swimmingly!  

For a brief moment I think maybe I've nailed it! I run through my equipment... I have everything. Do I really? Yes. Ok... Yep. Nailed it. 

But then of course the little voice in my head reminds me of how I've thought this before... And how I still repeatedly make stupid mistakes and lose my zen.

Like two weeks ago when I nearly got chucked off my flight because I forgot to check in online. Definitely lost my zen. 

...Or the massage at Dubai airport that took a little too long and nearly had me miss my connecting flight.

... Or that time I forgot you needed a visa to go to America. 

So I'm not going to get too cocky. This is a one-off glorious moment of chill zen preparedness....

At least I think it is. I'm just going to have a little look around the shops to jog my memory and make sure!