Croatia- Travel Filming

So I just landed in Croatia! 

This place has been on my wish list for a while and finally I've been lucky enough to get sent here for ten days of filming for SwimTrek. Thanks guys! 

Technically I'm not here for ten days, I'm swinging by Italy for a few days at that end... It's a tough life but someone's gotta do it hey?! 

I am very lucky, this is no word of a lie- but I am quick to defend myself should anyone say I have it easy. There's a lot of work and prep that goes into filming abroad- especially when- as I have previously mentioned- I'm not a millionaire, I don't have all the best equipment and I don't have an assistant to help me carry, offload and organise. 

I've been on a few of these trips now and I feel like I've finally streamlined my kit, bought what I was lacking and got rid of countless useless GoPro mounts. It's cost me money and back pain to get to this point but I think I have finally nailed the dream list. 

So now this is what I'm using: 

5D Mk iii (bought a ton of new batteries- there's no leccy on a kayak!) 


70-200 (my baby!)

Manfrotto monopod 

Lightweight tripod (stolen from a friend)

GoPro Hero 3 

Head strap

Action stick (super cheap so it bends in the middle!- requires a work around to get good angles and prayers to keep the GoPro attached!) 

Mini Gorilla tripod (broken!)

No name Interverlometre 

Hoodman (again stolen from a friend) 

Tiffin variable ND (not used this yet, it's new, but I expect big things!) 

Lots of gaffer tape! 

All of this is packed into a brand new ThinkTank Airport roller backpack. But I also take the love of my life... My neon North Face waterproof backpack because I often don't have that much space for all my stuff... It's not a camera bag, but it's neon.

So yes, I have an amazing job and I am the first to say this, but it's still a job and I still have problems to fix and a workflow to streamline. It ain't all easy... I just make it look that way! Hahahahaha... I really don't. But I'm trying.