Editing. It's emotional.

Editing for me is such an emotional practice.  

Whether it's a project I'm super passionate about or a shoot that I wasn't too happy with... the editing is the part of the process where the magic happens, when I can attempt to make the link between the potential of what's in my head and the reality of what I shot. 

It's the potential that makes me emotional. The more potential, the more emotion. 

At the moment I'm editing the cut from my trip to Lithuania. I've been so pumped to get on with cutting this film. I know I've nailed some beautiful shots, got some great timelapses and some new experimental GoPro stuff.

I know the potential is huge and I could have a great little film in my hands. What's more, I loved the shoot. Filming on a kayak (though hard on the back) was such a serene process and generally being in such a chill environment really did me good. 

When im in this situation- good footage, good potential and good vibes, editing gets crazy emotionally charged. I've spent two days trying to find the right song on this cut ...even now, deep in the edit, I'm not sure it does the place justice. Every shot I use in this 2min cut is placed with caution and questions. Is that the best option? Am I reaching the full potential? Is there a better option?

Obviously I'm just describing editing in general...the endless angst of 'have I made the right choice?' But this film is currently reaching that level where I can make no choices in my outside life... And I have to say it is a level I reach far too often- much to the distress of my nearest and dearest. What do I want to wear/eat/listen to/ watch later? ... All these questions become far too big and complicated when you have spent a day deciding at what millisecond a picture should cut at. When you are so in edit mode that you are acutely aware of how the smallest tweak can affect an overall picture. And when you feel like everything in life should be set to precisely the right music or it just won't be as great. 

So basically what I'm saying is, when I care about an edit this much the rest of my functioning has to be left in the hands of someone I trust ...and I've gone off the deep end this time. This is full blown, deeply emotional editing and so I can't really decide what this post is about. There was a point maybe... I'm not sure. I guess I'll see you on the otherside and let you know!