Sense 8: Review

Ok... if you are reading this, stop, go to Netflix and search Sense 8... then sit there and watch it all. Then come back here and say thanks Jess, that just changed my life. 

Need more encouragement?....

This trailer doesn't do this Tv show justice. It is by far the most inspiring, moving, beautifully fabulous bit of TV I have seen in a long long time. 

It is a Netflix original, so you can expect all the usual: Stunning visuals, slick editing, edgy plot lines and lots of timelapses (or is this happening everywhere now? I don't know, I live in a Netflix bubble!)... But it is so much more than the next Breaking Bad or Orange Is The New Black. 

These two shows have had me marvel at how Netflix is changing TV and upping the game, making some really beautiful stuff. But Sense 8 moved me in a way I can't even describe. Two days after finishing it I was still thinking about it, the characters stayed with me, I was consumed with thoughts about love and connection and what the human mind might be capable of. 

This is a show that really cuts to the core of being a human- for me it is essentially saying something that I think traveling revealed to me- that at the core we are all the same. Whatever country, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender you are and whatever situation you find yourself in, the essence of being human is the same in every one of us. Our senses and emotions, our questions and concerns- they are universal.

And this series portrays that in a way that makes you resonate with the world around you and look at it with fresh eyes... it was almost a spiritual experience and I am not even joking. The first few minutes were hard to watch for me and I almost stopped- so if you start, please make sure you just get through the chaos of the first episode... I promise you it will be worth it.