Mistress America: Review

So my flatmate saw this trailer and said we have to go see Noah Baumbach's new film, Greta Gerwig plays you again!

The trailer.. ok, I can see me in that... the film not so much- she is even more of a directionless, bizarre awkward woman than me! She is on the one hand super charismatic and cultured, but then on the other highly arrogant and pretentious. She is a product of the hip, cultured world that Baumbach paints around her and it's hard not to love her and pity her at the same time. 

The film is incredibly good.

It has that bizarre, screwball rhetoric that is present in all his films and simple everyday things in life-like buying pasta - turned into amusing little musings on life. As ever it is about the desire to be culturally hip, to do everything, be everywhere and live authentically. It does it better, or at least subtler than While We're Young- which to me was too on the nose, but still I came out the theatre wondering if the joke was on me and all the dreamers of my generation. 

I fell in love with Baumbach's Francis Ha (way more like me!) and to be honest I can't remember if it made me feel the same way- I'll have to have a re-watch. But his past two films have simultaneously made me feel proud, and ashamed to be one of those people who wants to have culturally rich life. His characters live with the idealised thought of so much possibility and potential that they are almost paralysed and it's sad to see so many of them heading towards failure. He perfectly captures that fear and drive that so many twenty-somethings have today and  makes these characters that are so full of vibrancy and energy, that even if they do ultimately fail, they will do so with style. 

Ultimately, I love everything this man touches and Greta is one of the coolest chicks on screen at the moment... and for that I don't care if the joke's on me- they can take the piss out of me any time they want!