Aloric // Who?

I am super excited to present to you the first music video we have made here at The Daily Lunge:

Aloric // Who?

Here you go, have a little look before we get into it!

(If you have a short attention span for experimental stuff , skip forward to 1 min when the song just gets super beautiful)

To start with the song is getting some great reviews... and so it should- this is an etherial masterpiece painstakingly orchestrated by these talented guys. What's more it was such a great song to film and edit to... there's a beautiful story there, and as a filmmaker that's kind of what I want!

I have to be honest and say the concept came from them and they were hugely influential with the edit- they had a clear vision of what this film should look like and it was a pleasure to make their idea a reality. 

Filming it was something else. We basically had an endless line of humans that took turns in standing in front of a white sheet whilst I stared at them intently down the barrel of my camera, searching out every nook and cranny of their being.

It was pretty intense. 

It was an emotional, moving and beautiful day and by the end of it I was attracted to every single person who had stood in front of my lens. There was something about studying someone's face for a good 30 mins that really affected me. I don't think I've ever stared so intently at anyone ever, never mind a stranger. Searching out the lines and shapes in their faces really made me see how everyone had a certain beauty... to be honest it was pretty humbling. 

Not to mention, that when someone looks at you for that long they start to unconsciously reveal themselves. You get little hints as to what's going on beneath those patterns and lines, and for me this was my favourite part of the process. I really hope that comes across in the film! I know I probably sound like a crazy hippie right now, but on the day that's really how it felt. 

Anyway, let me know what you think! And make sure you keep an eye on Aloric as I am sure we are going to see big and beautiful things from them.