Filming from a dingy

So there's filming from a boat bumpy, and then there's filming from a dingy bumpy.

This is the whole next level of Shake.

Yesterday I spent pretty much the whole day dealing with this shake. I now have arms the size of a champion wrestler and back pain to match! Nah, it wasn't that bad... But going handheld with the hoodman and trying to get stable shots from a tiny little boat is hard work. Great work, don't get me wrong- but, hard work. 


It was great though, sat on the edge of the dingy risking my camera's life, bouncing along in the sun. Again it was the hoodman who saved the day- the quiet champion of the trip.

Although, this was hotly pursued by the stick accessory (selfie stick) for the GoPro. This was not mine, I borrowed it from one of the people in the group- and it proved to be the best accessory I've used. It was great to dangle off the boat and get underwater shots, or water skimming shots. Definitely better than most of the stuff that comes off a head mounted cam... I've discovered my head movements are rather erratic. 

But all in all, another glorious day filming on the sea.