I'm on a boat

I don't know what it is. Actually I probably do. It's a mixture of movement, feeling like a pirate and seeing expansive horizons. 

That's what makes me feel something when I'm on boats. 

I always seem to have epiphanies while floating.

At first they were definitely the spontaneous life affirming realisations that one expects of epiphanies. Like the 38hr trek on a tatami matted ferry up the west coast of Japan when I finally admitted that my life probably wouldn't be that normal, but that was ok. Or the overnight trip with two best friends from Scilly to Naples when we saw five shooting stars and I decided that I would no longer be broken hearted.  

Then they dwindled to be a little less dramatic but none the less significant. The overnight stormy trip to a Thai island where I was pretty much alone in the middle of the sea in a lightning storm with five men... where I realised that travelling makes you dumb sometimes. Or recently on a ferry to Calais where I came to terms with the fact that filming on a ferry will cause wobbles in the footage. 

Maybe by this point I've gotten so used to having epiphanies on boats that I've come to expect them and just kind of save all my decision making until I'm onboard some sort of vessel... But nevertheless, I'm expecting some big things in the next few days. I'm going to be on boat daily for like three days... Anything could happen. 

With all those endless horizons and the feeling that I could maybe still possibly discover an undiscovered island, I really feel like something's gunna stir in my soul! 

I've already had quite a - let's call it a feeling- and I am sure it's likely to continue and grow. Every so often it dawns on me how lucky I am to be in a position where I get to do something I love every single day... And how greatfull I am to those who have given me all the love and support I needed to get here. 

Oh gosh! See it's already started and I was only on a ferry! But I do feel like I'm due an epiphany or two so I'll keep you updated if I have anymore. 

Keep being excellent!