Filming from a boat

So today was my first day filming for SwimTrek. I was on a fishing boat for most of the day, filming swimmers and the general atmosphere. 

It was awesome.  

I mean I mentioned my whole love of boats- so I was already in happy territory- then add in the amazing weather, a mini adventure and challenging filming conditions and you've got yourself a fun little day.  

Now, I'm not going to lie, it is a challenge to film on a bumpy boat in glaring sun on a DSLR. There is no denying this. It was hard to see, balance, focus. All the time knowing you could ... and maybe are... getting great shots. 


My saving grace today was a Hoodman- a little hood that fits over your LCD screen so you can see in the sun and can more easily shoot handheld because you have a third point of contact. 

Yeah, it's not digital or magnetic, so it's not flawless and it takes a bit of effort to use. But, as I said, I'm not going to pretend I've got all the great kit you need. This Hoodman was borrowed from a friend- it cost me nothing and has saved my life today. When I go home I will be buying one. 

Then I had the bumpiness of the boat- I started on a monopod, but moving about the little boat and navigating people and getting shots was proving difficult, so I just went full on handheld with the Hoodman. It was a risk and I've yet to see the footage but it felt stable and a better shooting experience... I'll let you know if it pays off! 


Meanwhile I had the GoPro strapped to people's heads or the front of the boat getting as much in the water footage as I could. I even got in a while myself- but again- not gunna lie, shooting in the water is tough. I stuck it on 50fps and shot as much stuff as I could before I was worn out. 

All in all a beautiful, sunny fun day. I'm just going to grab a few shots of the town and then I'll head home to offload, recharge and get a good night's sleep.