A week adventure filming in Greece

So I am writing this from a boat on my way to Milos from Santorini. I have just arrived for two days of adventure filming for an awesome company called SwimTrek

Basically it it means in going to be in and on the water for two days, timelapsing like a crazy person and trying to spread some adventuring love! 

As I'm going I want to keep you updated on my filming, what im using and how it goes. Just as a disclaimer- I'm not loaded, I don't have the best kit and I'm not going to be banging on about what stuff you need... I'm starting to tire of all those kinds of posts personally... so I'm going to be concentrating on the story- how do we tell a story in the best possible way, regardless of kit? 

Meanwhile, I'm starting to get all emotional because  on a boat- they do something to me!  

See you in a bit...