The Guardian Marathon

So I'm a bit late to press with these couple of films but it's a been wild few weeks!

And it all began with my mates over at BYOC getting me onboard for a couple of gigs shooting and editing for The Guardian Online. 

The first was a three cam shoot of their in-house film show. It's a weekly thing, but this one was live, from Prince Charles Cinema. This shoot involved me sitting on the wide and basically making copious notes that would help me edit a 50min show by the following morning. 

This was the fun part- up all night- remember that day that we had not so long ago that they said was the hottest day in 9years?- yeah, that night. I was sat there on fire, my computer burning my forearms, sweating to cut this 2hr-ish footage into 50 mins.

The problem was, as it always is, everything was so interesting- what to cut?! And I can tell you, when it's four am and you're sat in your underwear, scooping peanut butter from a jar to stay awake, deciding what to cut is a little hard. 

Nevertheless, I finished. Had breakfast and 17 cups of tea and delivered. On time and looking fine! 

Watch the film here. 

Then the same day as delivery, we headed over to the V&A to film The Observer Ethical Awards.

The V&A has to be one of the most inspiring and beautiful spaces to work. It is simply awesome. Even though I hadn't slept yet the place just spurred me on and I pretty much ended up filming most of the night with a dumb grin on my face. It was a fun shoot actually, a good place, a good cause and a good time. 

We wrapped and went home giddy from 38ish hours of no sleep. I grabbed a few hours and then I was up again to cut an edit by lunchtime. This was a short, snappy cut with vox pops, so in many ways it was easier to cut quickly but it still gave me a run for my money. The peanut butter was out again, put it that way!

But as ever, it was delivered on time with great feedback.  

Watch the film here. 

What did I learn from my marathon shoot edit session?  

1. I need a desktop. Even though my laptop handled all this admirably in terms of power, a bigger screen and a bit more umph would have been so helpful. 

2. Peanut butter is always essential. Need I say more?  

3. Fast turnarounds are challenging, and I tend to shake a bit in the process, but they're so much fun And the sense of achievement and relief when you're done is great!