Travel Vs Holiday

On my way to an all inclusive week in Corfu with the mother I started thinking.

This feels like a holiday... It's been a while since I had one of them.

Then I caught myself... I'm always places! I'm always going somewhere. What are they if not holidays? 

They've been travelling. 

At the risk of sounding really wanky... travelling is a little a different to a holiday isn't it? Right?

It feels different.

On this holiday I plan on laying in the sun and doing very little - I mean I am taking three books and only two roles of film. And ONE camera. Do you have any idea how relaxed that is for me?!

And when I travel? Well generally it's pretty knackering! I mean that in a good way. I'm doing stuff, walking- so much walking- taking endless pictures, filming, writing. Making stuff... I travel to make stuff inspired by somewhere new. It's not always for work, but I want to produce something regardless. 

I guess it's a very 21st Century distinction.

And it is no doubt linked to society's increasing pressures on us to be constantly producing something. To be busy. To have some sort of outcome. Something to show for our time. 

I do see a distinction in the two words and maybe that's because traveling is essentially part of my job... so I do have to produce something!

The word holiday however gives me permission to do nothing.

That idea excites me. 

Then I remember what I love to do when I have nothing to do... take pictures and film stuff. 

Hmm... this whole holiday thing might be quite difficult!

Watch this space.

Jess x