Slow West: Review

Bit late with this one... but I'm running a business man! 

So Slow West.. supposedly a visual masterpiece of edible images made to feast your eyes upon.

Does it deliver?

Visually- yeeeeaaah. I mean there are some beautiful shots in there. Especially in the final scenes where the screen looks like the love child of Edward Hopper and Grant Wood's American Gothic.

It is gorgeous.

I had a few moments of holding my breath and not blinking so as not to disturb the awesome I was seeing. 

But- is it really that hard to make this landscape look incredible?

Maybe I am being too harsh, but for me it wasn't consistently visually excellent enough to sustain, what is in many other respects, a pretty average movie. 

And that brings me to the plot. BLAH. It's ok... the main storyline is fine. But there is so little else going on. Some of the greatest parts of the film are the random little events that take up ten minutes here or there. I almost wish these had been developed more. I will say however, that there are some points where the script is incredibly smart and laugh-out-loud funny, which I did not anticipate at all and that was a nice surprise. 

But ultimately I think the whole film builds to the final scenes with a self-awareness of how awesome they are. So in other words, they don't try hard enough. 

This film does have rave reviews- and it's not bad at all- but I wouldn't say it is as great as they're all making out either. If you've got time to spare, go see it just for the ending! 

Here's the trailer to help you make your call:  

J x