Dealing with rejection


Don't you just love it? It's a stab of a word right? And a stab of a feeling. 

And I've been having to get used to it a lot recently. 

Don't worry, I'm not about to spill the details of my love life... I'm talking about rejection in work. 

It is something I have to face daily as a newly fledging freelancer.

Actual rejection, fear of rejection, rejecting rejection and not taking no for an answer. 

Daily I put my skills on the line, offer myself up on a plate and try to convince people to hire me. 

I thought I would be terrible at dealing with reading the words 'no', 'not interested', 'we regret to inform you'... but actually they are kind of liberating to see. 

In this world we are all looking for something, that perfect person, the perfect job, the perfect coffee. And I am a big hippie believer in that what is supposed to find you will find you.

But there is so much out there! In this day and age we are inundated with options. Some people don't like to choose. And it's hard- I want to do everything, be everywhere and think every opportunity might be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

But I can't be and it won't be. 

So I don't see rejection as a really negative thing. It just narrows my search in this oversaturated tiny little world. It gives me the freedom and time to find the things, the jobs and the people that would never dream of saying no...

because they are the things I'm supposed to find. 

(I cannot promise you I will be this zen when I am dirt broke.) 

J x