FCPX rocks

I have spent the majority of today editing in Premiere Pro. 

I should probably say trying to edit.  

Now, I was trained on Avid... I'm no stranger to the hoi polloi of NLE systems... but I quickly jumped ship to Premiere when I had to use my own laptop. 

I loved it.  

In comparison to Avid, it was a dream. Avid is great, sure... but all them rules slowed me down! But me and Premiere, well we got along just fine. 

Then I moved to China and the company I worked for there insisted on me using this newfangled program, FCPX.  

I hated it.  

I spent a good few month literally screaming at my computer for the lack of structure and the weird magnetic timeline. I hacked it a few times so I could use it like my beloved Premiere. It took a lot of effort but I could work like that.  

Then, one day it just clicked.  

I loved the lack of rules.

Favouriting is the best thing on the planet! Multiple selections on a clip! Smart key wording!

It was so innovative.

I could bash out a slick edit at least twice as fast. It thought along with me and I was in love.  

And I have sang it's praises ever since. Converting was hard, and still is for many despite the endless forums to help with every minor adjustment. People flocked to Premiere for its old school reassurance, claiming FCPX didn't have the functionality, and X became a bit of a joke. I'm not really sure if it still is because I stopped caring now I know what I can do with it. 

I edit in the zone, pumped and energized and FCPX allows me to mix and cut as fast as my brain goes. I find that works for me. Sure, for a massive feature movie it probably isn't what I would need- but right now I'm not in the business of cutting movies so no worries! 

Today has shown me all the ways in which it is so much faster and smarter than it's competitors.

It has made me fall in love with it all over again.

But I have to admit it is nice being back briefly with PP... in way that it's nice visiting your grandparents - there's respect and love, but no speed or excitement ...and I need me my editing thrills!

Jess x