Entourage Movie: Review

Last night I went to see a preview of the Entourage movie.

I didn't watch the TV series... although I always wanted to because I like Adrian Grenier's face... and I didn't particularly want to see the film either, but, I had free tickets... so what's a girl to do?

So here's the trailer: 

That's basically all you need to see. 

Nah, just kidding... kind of. 

For someone who hasn't seen this as a TV show, I will say this in it's favour- I didn't feel lost. I knew who these characters were and what their dynamic was.

It makes sense and it stands alone as a film. 

Albeit, a not so great one.  

It felt like an extended TV show.

The dialogue wasn't as punchy as I was expecting and the plot felt lazy at some points and rushed at others- like they couldn't really get the timing of a longer script right.

The editing I felt could have benefited from a slicker cut with more pop... Think Wolf of Wall Street or Limitless. Although this would have made for a more cliché style, this whole film is one walking cliché, so I don't think it would matter. But as it stands, the editing is slick for TV, but not for the big screen.  

I mean it's easily watchable. It's Hollywood, cars, girls and Adrian Grenier's face... and it kind of almost does what it says it does on the tin... but I'm not sold.

There a like a billion cameos in this film and only a handful of them add anything remotely to the plot in terms of comedic value. It rather feels like a tick list of all the famous friends of the producer that needed the money. 

And actually, now that I think about it- the main characters themselves are quite like cameos- lacking in depth, one-dimensional... and don't even get me started on Piers Morgan!

But- the cars are pretty. 

I'll probably never watch the TV series, but I'd quite like it if they made the film that they were making in the film- that looked really interesting. 

So, until then... 

Jess x