SwimTrek: Crete

The final film!  

Trip-wise this one was perfection. Nice and easy- no non-existent ferries or missing/broken equipment- just pure good fun. I even got to spend a night in a cute little costal hotel before catching the bus up and over the mountain to start work. 

Visually, Crete was perfect.

The clouds! My god, the clouds! 

There were a lot of timelapses that I did here that didn't make the cut for one reason or another- but the clouds in them were out of this world.... In fact I'm going to make a whole film dedicated to the clouds!

By this point in the summer I was kind of over perfect blue skies... So the clouds were a welcome 'flaw' in the footage. 

And work-wise this was the perfect trip to finish the summer on. Lovely people, guides I'd already met and a schedule that didn't run me off my feet.

Anyway, check it out... Hope you enjoy!