Joy: A Review

I had been dying to see this film ever since I saw the trailer a few months back... I saw Jennifer Lawrence back with director David O.Russel (American Hustle/Silver Linings Playbook) and thought yeeeeaaah, here comes another quirky work of art.

And, I wasn't too disappointed! 

This is a dreamlike, surreal film, with colours and light leaks that blend time and place like it is one fluid memory. Visually, I loved it. The way the camera floats around and spins through scenes is beautiful and captivating and the soundtrack is just excellent.

Story-wise- I felt that Bradley Cooper's character should have been in it more. The movie lifts when his character comes in and I couldn't help waiting for him to find his way back into the story.

Also the ending just feels like it gets wrapped up super quick and Joy ends up in some weird suit a million miles away from what the film makes us think she'll become... and that accent? I'm not too sure.  

That said though, I really enjoyed it! Lawrence is awesome- obviously. It's dreaminess kept me interested and engaged and the music suitably pumped.

In some ways it felt like one giant trailer... which probably for a lot of people isn't a good thing... but I am a massive fan of that kind of aesthetic- so it's a thumbs up from me!