Winter Wonderland

It's that time of year again...

The time when I get grumpy and pissed-off at the glittery consumerism of December and recede into my old-lady cave avoiding all the monstrosities of Christmas that I possibly can.

It's a thrilling time and usually one I revel in. 

This year however, I have been coerced into getting festive... and I hate to write these following words... but I've really quite enjoyed it.

(Ew! *gulps down gin and keeps typing*) 

There has always been something lovely about fairy lights- I'm not totally heartless!- but this year I added Christmas- song dodgem rides and santa themed shooting games to the list of things that make my heart go gooey in December. 

Who knew?!

It was an absolute shock to me when I took a few hours wondering around Winter Wonderland (of all places!!) and didn't cry once! I did drink copious amounts of mulled wine, and that may have helped... but I think it might have had more to do with the fact that I had my camera in my hand- so I felt like a reporter or documentarian (is that a word?)- I wasn't really enjoying it.... I was super (super) undercover- a Christmas Sleuth... discovering ...elf abuse (??) 

Oh I give up- I guess I'm one of those morons who likes Christmas now!!

Anyway, while I go drink away my guilt, feast your eyes on these little filmic beauties... coz I mean if you're going to do Christmas it has to be analogue right?!